Guest is a blessing of God

Guests coming to our house are considered as blessing of God in our country. We treat our guest well. We provide for their food, we provide for their lodging, we provide blankets and pillows, and a good treatment. That is why; in our country we are too hospitable even if it means borrowing money just to treat our guest well.

Guest-is-a-blessing-of-GodBut Guests are of different types. There are those you would like to receive all the time, even at odd hours. Blessed are those ones. They include one’s valued friends or partner. The presence of such guests lightens your own stress and burden. On the contrary are those whose presence brings a feeling of tension and still wind. Even if they have come to bring you good news, money or any other thing beneficial to you, you won’t like them to stay long after you have said ‘thank you’. There is yet another special class of guests whom I consider as the true guests from God: the needy or persons genuinely desiring one form of assistance or another. They should not be turned back without contributing somehow to making their burden lighter.



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