Visa Immigration Service Florida
International Immigration Law Firm, founded by Immigration Attorney Neelofer Syed, concentrates on U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Law. U.S. Immigration Law is very complex and keeps changing more often than any other area of law. The complexity and constant changes demand undivided attention from the Attorney, something that the International Immigration Law Firm Attorneys are cognizant of and as a result, they are always current in their knowledge of laws and policies. Being federal in nature, Immigration Law allows us to represent you regardless of where you live and regardless of where the Attorneys are licensed in U.S.The Attorneys working with International Immigration Law Firm are admitted members of various State Bars across U.S. They are also members of American Immigration Lawyers Association. They excel in their respective area of practice and are adept in providing creative solutions to complicated issues. For the cases that are overly complicated, the clients have the advantage of having several Attorneys review their case while they pay for one consultation. Not to mention, our rates remain competitive.

There are many other factors that set International Immigration Law Firm apart from other Immigration Law firms. Unlike many others, International Immigration Law Firm is a full service immigration practice. We deal in all type of immigration cases ranging from family, employment, investment, asylum, deportation & withholding, battered spouse, U or T visas, mandamus filings, etc. Moreover, the clients facing problems due to their criminal background can also rely on expert advice of the experienced Attorneys who will also assist them in obtaining post conviction relief, if necessary.

International Immigration Law Firm has various affiliated offices across the world. Our affiliate offices help clients from various countries to procure documents for their immigration matters, if needed. In addition, if any client wants to migrate or invest in countries outside U.S., our affiliate offices can facilitate the process and help the client navigate through foreign laws and regulations. The number of affiliations of International Immigration Law Firm are constantly rising.

In connection with immigration matters, we also provide services like incorporation of the company, arrange comprehensive business plans and projections prepared by Certified Public Accountants, arrange Expert Witnesses for certain countries, facilitate translation of documents from various languages into English and vice versa.

If you are looking for an International Immigration Law Firm, look no further. Contact International Immigration Law Firm…today!

813-597-8088 or 407-499-4786 | Info@greencardus.net


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